Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to prevent your Divorce

With the divorce rate so high many couples who are in stormy marriages feel that there is no way to save my marriage. It’s easy to think that if all those people can’t make it we can’t either. If you still love your mate and you think that you are loved in return then your marriage has a good chance of succeeding.

There are two of you in the marriage and both of you must want to make it work. Following are some tips that can help bring you together again and increase the chances of your marriage lasting:

1. No marriage is perfect. Unlike fairy tales, typical marriages have their flaws just like each of us has. Do not expect perfection from each other. Accept that there will be lumps and bumps along the way.

2. Having a successful marriage requires that you both work at it to make it strong. The more work that you put into your marriage will result in an honest and happy relationship. Not taking this seriously can be detrimental. The areas that typically need the most work involve trust and respect in one another. Without these things, your relationship will fall apart.

3. Communicate with each other. Create an environment where you can talk and listen to each other without getting upset. Speak calmly and clearly about how you feel and allow your partner to do the same. Make sure to listen to what they have to say, regardless of what they say. Discuss how each of you feels and try to find common ground where both of you feel that you can find solutions for issues you are facing. The more open and honest you are with each other, the better.

4. Let the problems of the past stay in the past. Do not dwell on them. Do not let past mistakes or misunderstandings determine the future of your marriage. While your past problems may be quite serious, dwelling on them will not help your marriage. Focus on the here and now and take each day as it comes. Each day has enough problems of its own.

5. Be more conscious of one another. Be considerate of each other’s needs and feelings. You can make thoughtful gestures to simply show that you are thinking of them. If you are unsure as to what you should do for your spouse, ask them what you can do to make them happy. Doing something that will make them feel loved and special can go a long way towards strengthening your relationship. Sometimes doing the simplest things can mean the most to them.

If you have tried all of the above and still are asking how to save my marriage, a professional marriage counselor may be your best option. The decision to go to a counselor must be made by both of you as it will not work if you both do not participate fully.

If you are both truly committed to making changes to save your marriage, a counselor can offer unbiased advice to help you. By getting advice from counselor, it may help you see your problems in a different light and help you find solutions.

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