Friday, July 22, 2011

Older men still play games. Beware of internet dating.

Can I just begin by saying that I love men, and I would not tar all men with the same brush, but I might beat most of the them with the same stick.

My comments for the purpose of this article are aimed at older women.

Ladies, don’t you think that men, at the mature and life experienced age of their early fifties, would have abandoned the idea of talking vebal…. vebal what? yes verbal that!

Well alas, it may not be so, still pours forth.

I read in the paper recently, an article about separation and relationships and a very interesting statement was made, ‘men give love for sex, women give sex for love’.

And they are still doing it, years later, when they should know better.

Let take a loose example, a lady in her late forties, is separated/divorced. She is partly or wholly through the mayhem that ensues, she has become lonely for companionship and attention, and decides the time is right to go back into the world of dating. But where does she go? All her friends are married or attached and the only interest she receives is from pat the postman, who is short and giddy, and frankly does nothing for her.

So she turns to the world of internet dating. It should come with ‘buyer beware’ stamped all over it!

Wouldnt you think that the older men are now matured and looking for companionship too. Yes, yes, before you shout at me, all the men out there, we know YOU are different

Well the simple answer is no, there are still older men out there, who havent a notion in hell of settling down, committing or being Mr Right.

Loads of Mr Wrongs out there im afraid.

And just as the simple things in life are free, and simple uncomplicated advice can be best, this is mine.

Beware the man that jumps, or should I say appears to jump in too soon. Declaring undying love, coming out with the ‘old one’, ‘I will always bthere for you’, and having the audacity to discuss future trips to Italy. ALL ON THE FIRST DATE.

Run away, or if you are mad about him, at the very least, don’t go along with it. Tell him you are flattered but he must slow down and its way too soon to talk like that. Even if your heart is leapfrogging all over your body, and your hormones have regressed to the mental age of 17, shut up and smile a little condescendingly and nod.

Say nothing, zip it, dont reciprocate, and whatever you do, DON’T go to bed.

If you do, chances are the very next day, he will tell you how ‘lovely you are’, but he has a lot on at the moment, and he doesnt see the relationship going anywhere.

Yes, it can happen to you.

Sorry, just careful, and yes i’m afraid, you still have to play stupid games, that you long to leave behind with your teenage years.

Written by : Lynnmargaet
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