Friday, July 22, 2011

Wife is always right, says SC

Husbands wanting to lead a happy married life can rely on some useful tips given by the Supreme Court, the most important being: "Do what the wife tells you and never question her authority." The words of wisdom came from two ‘Bhuktbhogi’ judges -- Justices Markandey Katju and Deepak Verma -- during the inconclusive hearing of a 17-year-old divorce litigation between a serving Lieutenant Colonel and his wife. The vacation Bench comprising these two judges asked the counsel whether there was any scope of compromise between the two and both in unison gave different reasons to say that there was no possibility for a happy ending to their dispute. The wife's counsel said that the Rs 10 lakh offered by the husband for complete settlement of the dispute and divorce was too little as it was not easy to bring up a teenaged daughter. She was married in 1991 and was allegedly thrown out of the house in 1992 after which he had moved the court for divorce. While the trial court dismissed his divorce plea, the HC had allowed judicial separation. But on her appeal against this order, a division Bench of the HC had granted divorce to him. Terming this order as erroneous, she had moved the apex court. The husband had an altogether different story to tell. She had filed several criminal cases against him that included charges like -- `he takes bath like a dog' and `he commits sodomy'. The counsel said he had fought the cases for over 17 years and had been exonerated of all charges. "He has been ruined financially and professionally, but still wanted to settle by giving Rs 10 lakh to her for a divorce," he added. Justice Katju, while adjourning hearing on the case, decided that it was time for the husband to get a few tips from him about how to lead a happy married life. "You should always agree with her. When you agree to what she says, you will always remain happy. If she tells you to look this way, do that. And if she tells you the next moment to look the other way, again do that," Justice Katju said much to the amusement of the lawyers who were waiting their turn to argue their case before the vacation Bench. And to convince them about the usefulness of his advice, Justice Katju said: "We are talking from experience (Hum sab bhuktbhogi hain)." The writer can be contacted at : or Ph: 9962999008.